Referral credit system

Earn free game server hosting!

Earning free game server hosting from Hosted Game Servers is easy. You don’t even need to be 18 years or older… or even have a credit card! All you need is your email to get absolutely free game server hosting.

Here’s what you do:

  • Create an account on our control panel
  • Login to HGSPanel and expand the ‘Credit’ menu
  • Copy the entire ‘Referral Link’ shown there and spread it around the internet like wildfire
  • Enjoy $0.35 per slot of hosting purchased after clicking your link in HGS credit!
  • Thats it!

    Your last five referral clicks that made it to the payment page will be shown in the ‘Credit’ section along with your current HGS credit balance. When you have enough credit to purchase a server, just go through the order flow like normal and you’ll see a ‘claim free server’ button instead of a ‘pay with ultimatepay’ button! You still get FREE Mumble and FREE web hosting like any other server, too!

    A 20 slot server would earn you seven dollars of hosting credit. That buys a 36 slot Mumble server for a month with some left over! Get your link out there and start collecting free HGS server credit now.