Team Fortress 2 (TF2)

Game Description

For the Mann vs Machine(MvM) update it is recommended to purchase a 32 slot server. If you want to only run MvM content, consider purchasing . It is cheaper, but it cannot run any other game mode.

Team Fortress 2 puts a spin on the normal plain black and white FPS. TF2 makes for a cartoony good time without forgetting to be competitive. The Valve Team Fortress 2 team is always coming out with new content and there are loads of great times to be had in this popular game.

No more FPS or Tick?
Its not because we suck. Valve changed orangebox servers and the tick/fps setting is no longer changeable. That was the end of 1000 FPS and 100 tick servers. You can read the change log for yourself.. Our servers still have great registration because of our low ping hosting, but now you know that we aren’t trying to cheat you by selling fake 1000 FPS servers like some other hosts are.


Test Servers

Server Hosting Features

Every support request is responded to hastily by a group of guys who sit around and play games all day.

Each and every game server we sell comes with 100% free web hosting with up to 10Gb of space.

What good is having a server if you can’t hear everyone complain every time they suck and die? We include one free slot of Mumble for each slot of game server hosting you buy.

This is the internet. We don’t wait for stuff. Every server ordered has automatic installation and setup without waiting for admin approval.

Each and every server comes with its own MySQL database at no extra charge. Host your own clan form, database driven mod or PHP application.