Game Description

Minecraft: A game about running from skeletons, or something like that. Build your ideal world by renting an affordable Minecraft server from Hosted Game Servers. Our memory management techniques allow us to offer Minecraft game server hosting at a third of what other hosts offer without any performance difference. It just makes sense to save 50% and order with us! Nail down your minecraft server right now and start building in less than five minutes. Most mods and plugins are supported (*cough* craftbukkit *cough*).

Memory Limits

We use a unique formula based on slot count to give our users the most efficient memory allocation for their needs. 10 slot servers are allocated 1Gb. 20 slot servers are allocated 1.5Gb and 30 slot slot servers 2Gb of memory. If needed, we happily allocate additional memory upon request! If you want even more you can purchase 400MB at $1.50/month, 1GB at $15/month or 2GB at $30/month.

FREE Daily Backups
Keep peace of mind knowing your data is safe with HGS. You will have the past 10 backups always at your disposal to download.


Test Servers

Server Hosting Features

Every support request is responded to hastily by a group of guys who sit around and play games all day.

Each and every game server we sell comes with 100% free web hosting with up to 10Gb of space.

What good is having a server if you can’t hear everyone complain every time they suck and die? We include one free slot of Mumble for each slot of game server hosting you buy.

This is the internet. We don’t wait for stuff. Every server ordered has automatic installation and setup without waiting for admin approval.

Each and every server comes with its own MySQL database at no extra charge. Host your own clan form, database driven mod or PHP application.

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