• Natural Selection 2

    Dedicated game servers for Natural Selection 2 are here. RTS meets FPS in the best mix yet.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

    Get your server and start your scrims today. Go, go, go!

  • Minecraft Game Server Hosting

    With 4 million copies sold and climbing, you can have a 4 slot server with lots of memory for just $8.00/mo. Up to 40 slots. Mods are allowed.

  • Terraria

    Start digging, exploring and destroying with your friends in less than 5 minutes for only $2.00/slot.

  • Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine

    Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine dedicated servers available at just $25.00 per month. 32 slot public MvM server.

Powerful game server hosting for the masses…


Build your fortress, tiny block by tiny block. Collect the most rare and amazing items in the land. Fight epic battles with massive enemies and take their sweet loot. Not to mention hardcore multipayer PvP!
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Create the city of your dreams, breed your own animals and find a sustainable food source in Minecraft. Build with all your friends on our super fast low latency network.
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King Arthur’s Gold

Play as a Peon, Knight or Archer in KAG. Build a fortress, place your traps, mine your gold and defend it! If you think you’re man enough, you can even take the fight to the enemy.
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All the best features…
Every support request is responded to hastily by a group of guys who sit around and play games all day.
Each and every game server we sell comes with 100% free web hosting with up to 10Gb of space.
Paying bills sucks. Let your friends help with Hosted Game Server’s TeamPay feature. Give your friends a link and watch your invoice disappear.

What good is having a server if you can’t hear everyone complain every time they suck and die? We include one free slot of Mumble for each slot of game server hosting you buy.
This is the internet. We don’t wait for stuff. Every server is automatically installed and setup without waiting for admin approval.
Each and every server comes with its own MySQL database at no extra charge. Host your own clan form, database driven mod or php app.
Support that rocks…
Seldom do you see any company in this day and age with the dedicated support HGS offers it’s customers. I am one of their low-end clients with a very small server, but I am treated with nothing but respect and given answers to even my toughest off-topic problems.

Simply put, the hgs support team is the best out there in my experiance, and the value of what HGS has to offer far exceeds their already unbeatable prices

- LucidLethargy

HGS has been nothing short of phenomenal. The features, performance, price, and customer support they offer are unmatched by any other hosting provider in my personal experiences over the years.

- P4r4b014

HGS was amazing. Their prices are cheap, my server was up and running within minutes, and the phenomenal customer support either had already posted an answer to a question I had, or replied to my query very quickly. These guys are awesome!

- dloe48

Hosted Game Servers.com is a Game Server Provider start-up run by a few guys who love gaming. We work hard to beat the prices of our larger competitors and to provide high quality, low ping game and voice servers around the world simply because we love to game.

Hosting 1,518 slots on 147Gb of memory across 8 servers.

Hosted on our own home grown game server control panel.